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mandy norman: bay area designer / artist / writer

"Personally, I'm a sister, organizer, reader, writer, crafter, designer, and blogger. This gal is tall, tattooed, and above all upbeat. My relationship with my cat, giraffes, music, and caffeine are borderline unhealthy, but nothing stops me from speaking my mind and 'making things look pretty.' Professionally, with over eight years of experience in various graphic and web projects I have a sharp designer's eye and never-ending eagerness to learn and grow..." see more


"Mandy was one of the best interns I've had the pleasure of working with... smart, dedicated, and possesses a lot of natural talent. It will not surprise me to see Mandy jump into more of a Lead Design position or an Art Director position..." see more

mandy norman

who is this mandy person?

Hey there! I'm Mandy, a sister, organizer, reader, writer, crafter, designer, blogger, cat owner, and giraffe lover. To learn more about me, go ahead & read my bio.

what does she do exactly?

I have worked on a variety of marketing, writing, and digital design projects such as blogging, content management, logos, website interfaces, print materials, & more. To learn more about what I do, view my portfolio or look through my resume.

is she social?

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what does she also do?


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personal think-tank blog


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guest blogger at NWYT